April 8, 2018

Taxnexus Products

Taxnexus Suite of Products

By using the Taxnexus suite of products, cannabis industry taxpayers (retailers, distributors, cultivator, and others) are now empowered to meet the evolving state and local jurisdictional tax laws in full compliance.

Taxnexus API 

  • RESTful interface to all things Taxnexus
  • Used by Software OEMs and large customers to integrate Situs, Base and Returns into software

Taxnexus Situs

  • Accurate (census-block level) jurisdictional cannabis tax rates using US Postal Address or geolocation
  • Automatic implementation of jurisdictional tax rate updates
  • First Cannabis Tax situs service published worldwide

Taxnexus Base

  • Point of Sale cannabis transaction tax calculation
  • Cloud-based data storage of cannabis excise and sales tax data
  • Financial chain of custody for tax compliance

Taxnexus Returns

  • Generate official government PDF tax filing documents
  • File timely state and local cannabis excise, sales and business tax returns
  • Transaction monitoring and tax liability reporting