February 7, 2019

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Already one of the most highly regulated industries, the cannabis industry’s varied and evolving state and local cannabis tax regulations compound tax compliance complexities. Cannabis businesses are left with determining proper tax calculations, filing accurate and timely cannabis tax returns with all applicable tax authorities, and complying with regulations for everything in between. With grave consequences of fines, penalties and even loss of license to operate, there is no room for error. Cannabis businesses must comply to survive!

Taxnexus is the only transactional tax compliance solution in the cannabis industry! We are dedicated to enabling the success of the industry through tax compliance. Taxnexus offers intricate software that is tailored to provide a solution to the unique compliance obligations of all cannabis businesses along the product chain.

Taxnexus is working to offer its much-needed tax compliance solution to businesses in all of the states that have legalized cannabis operations. We currently offer our cannabis tax compliance solution in the states listed below. Click to learn more about your state.

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If you don’t see your state listed yet, please contact us to let us know about your tax compliance needs. We love to hear from you and are working hard to provide our services in additional states.