May 17, 2018

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Taxnexus API for Developers – Use Taxnexus API to perform legal commerce with full tax compliance in supported jurisdictions and regulatory domains. Taxnexus API delivers tax rates, rates invoices, stores transactions and produces regulatory filings for General Sales Tax, Telecommunications and Cannabis domains.

Things you can do with Taxnexus API include:

  • Get a complete Tax Situs with a US postal address or geocoordinates that lists all applicable taxes for a geographic location.
  • Use an online product catalog to determine the tax domain and rule for a particular product or service.
  • Rate the tax liability for a product line item based on situs.
  • Compute and store the tax liability information for an invoice.
  • Perform monthly reporting of all tax liability transactions.
  • Generate PDF documents and online transactions to file and pay tax liabilities on behalf of the taxpayer.

Taxnexus Situs – Cannabis businesses (taxpayers) are struggling to keep up with the constantly evolving cannabis excise, sales and business tax laws being promulgated at state and local jurisdictions. Taxnexus Situs cuts through the chaos of cannabis tax confusion with a free website available at 

Taxnexus Blog– Read our blog postings to stay up-to-date on our news, publications, and cannabis tax information.

Taxnexus Twitter – Follow us @taxnexus to stay engaged with the latest cannabis tax news.