February 17, 2019


Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC)/Metrc approved service provider

Taxnexus is excited to offer its transactional cannabis tax compliance solution in Oregon! As an OLCC/Metrc approved integrator, Taxnexus provides automated transactional tax compliance services to licensed cannabis retailers.

As an authorized Metrc integrator all we need is your Metrc User API Key, and then Taxnexus automatically monitors and calculates your taxes on a daily basis. With your product compliance records already in Metrc, Taxnexus verifies, stores, and files your required transactional cannabis taxes with the state and local tax authorities, where applicable.

Through our sophisticated technology, we offer Taxnexus subscribers the following services through our online portal at taxpayer.taxnexus.net:

  • Accurate tax rate determination
  • Secure, audit-ready tax data storage
  • Comply with governmental record-keeping obligations
  • Tax filing calendar with account notifications
  • Tax Automation
    • Monthly tax payment vouchers
    • Filing of quarterly tax returns with OLCC
    • Filing of cannabis taxes with localities, where applicable

Taxnexus will enable the success of your cannabis business through tax compliance. With complex and evolving tax regulations, many cannabis businesses face fines, penalties, and even loss of license to operate if found to be non-compliant. We will handle the transactional taxes so that you can focus on sales!   

Subscribe to Taxnexus today by calling (510) 679-1900 or email us at info@taxnexus.net.