November 29, 2017

Our Founders

Vernon Keenan, CEO

Vern Keenan is a new market visionary and serial entrepreneur. A graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering, Vern established his career as a technical and networking Director at Genentech and Oracle corp, before becoming an entrepreneur. During the Internet boom, Vern made a name for himself as one of the foremost analysts for eCommerce with his firm Keenan Vision. Vern later started Berkeley Logic, a tech services and consultancy focused on the small to medium sized business market. From there, Vern started Telnexus LLC, a VOIP services telecommunication company. Vern developed and implemented the telecom tax calculation engine for Telnexus that was the precursor to the Taxnexus cannabis tax compliance solution.

Bill De Zenzo, VP of Business Development

Bill De Zenzo has over 25 years of experience serving tech industry companies like Oracle, BioData, eVault and Telnexus LLC. Bill helped conceive Taxnexus using proprietary IP to fix a big problem he saw plaguing the new legal cannabis retail industry. As VP of Business Development, Bill uses his experience in Marketing, Business Development, Public Relations, Business Analysis and Office Administration to create awareness of Taxnexus within the cannabis industry for partnerships, customer acquisition, and venture.