New Taxes for California Cannabis Industry

Welcome to the evolving world of cannabis legislation and taxation in California. With the recent 2018 midterm election, a green wave of new laws and regulations has washed ashore, and Taxnexus, a cannabis tax compliance service provider for cannabis businesses, has analyzed the results, looking for insights to guide cannabis business owners in 2019. In[…]

Three New States Legalize Cannabis

Three New States Legalize Cannabis Americans in four states had measures on their midterm ballots to legalize cannabis, whether for recreational or medical use. With enough votes in to call the results, Michigan, Utah and Missouri join the 30 states that have legalized cannabis either for medical, recreational or both usages. Specifically, Michigan joins as[…]

California Midterm Ballots To Bring Green Wave of Cannabis Tax Regulations

As state and local jurisdictions rake in millions of dollars in tax revenue from the state’s legal cannabis industry, new states, counties and cities are piling onto the cannabis tax bandwagon. There are currently hundreds of local cannabis business taxes in place in California. On the November ballots, there are 47 new local cannabis tax[…]

New Gallup Poll Finds 66 Percent Of Americans Want Marijuana Legal

Sixty-six percent of US adults believe that “the use of marijuana should be made legal,” according to national survey data compiled by the Gallup. The percentage is the highest ever reported by Gallup, which has been tracking Americans’ views on the subject of marijuana legalization since 1969. Support was strongest among Millennials (78 percent), Democrats (75 percent),[…]

Taxnexus Predicts a Cannabis Green Wave on November 6, 2018

Taxnexus Predicts a Cannabis Green Wave on November 6, 2018   States, counties and cities are piling onto the cannabis tax bandwagon. While pundits on TV talk about a pending Blue Wave on November 6th, Taxnexus sees a Green Wave of 43 new local cannabis tax measures in California and 4 state legalization measures on[…]

Grover Beach, CA lowers cannabis tax rates

  Some local jurisdictions across California have realized that to stay competitive and to bring, and to keep, consumers out of the black market, they need to lower their ambitiously high cannabis tax rates. Among them is Grover Beach in San Luis Obispo County. Effective May 7, 2018, Grover City reduced its commercial cannabis tax rate[…]


A FREE TAX COMPLIANCE COMMUNITY TO SUPPORT CANNABIS BUSINESSES Taxnexus Community is designed to help the cannabis taxpayer. Cannabis tax revenues, along with the medicinal benefits for patients, were the motivating factors for cannabis legalization in California. While the medicinal benefits are in full effect for businesses and patients, California cannabis taxes have become the[…]

Taxnexus Enables Cannabis Taxpayers with Automated Tax Compliance Solution.

With the new wave of cannabis legalization, not only do cannabis businesses (aka “taxpayers”) have to comply with stringent product regulations, but also with complicated tax laws. The complexity of taxes is especially felt by cannabis taxpayers in states like California where the state regulators have not placed a standard for localities for implementing cannabis[…]