November 29, 2017


Who is Taxnexus?

Founded in Berkeley, California, Taxnexus is a financial technology service for the cannabis industry that solves real-world tax compliance problems for recreational and medical cannabis taxpayers and regulators.

What Are We Doing?

Taxnexus is the first global tax management software solution aimed to help cannabis industry participants (taxpayers) become and remain compliant with all state, county, and local jurisdictional cannabis excise and sales and use taxes. Cannabis POS and ERP software developers can adapt their existing, cloud-based offerings to Taxnexus API for cannabis businesses to calculate state, county and local excise taxes, track and store all tax data, and file monthly cannabis tax returns in an easy, inexpensive and compliant manner. Taxnexus API creates a financial chain of custody from the cannabis taxpayer to the state treasury.

What is next?

In 2018, Taxnexus will offer API-based tax calculation, transaction management and monthly tax return services. In the near future, Taxnexus will also provide remittance services to cannabis taxpayers.