Cannabis Accountants Wanted!

Taxnexus makes software to automate the production of cannabis tax returns in California and Oregon today, and more states to come in the near future.

Taxnexus Is Open For Business

Taxnexus is now open for business in stealth mode, and we would love cannabis accountants around the United States and Canada to join us as we work together to get our new industry financially compliant at the transaction level.

The New Trusted Tool For Cannabis Accountants

Taxnexus is here to help every cannabis accountant in the USA and Canada get and stay compliant with the numerous tax laws being generated nearly every day.

We all know these cannabis taxes are complicated, especially in California, and the purpose of Taxnexus is to codify and automate the calculation of these taxes as much as possible.

We aim to make financial service providers like you trust Taxnexus, just like how service providers trust professional tools like Lacerte and cloud services like QuickBooks Online or Xero. Just like how these professional tools allow you to confidently deliver financial services to your clients, our goal at Taxnexus is to help automate your practice and make you be more efficient with Taxnexus Cloud and Taxnexus API.

Join The Taxnexus Army

As Taxnexus grows in 2019, individual cannabis taxpayers will come to our site looking for solutions. Join the Taxnexus Army today and help us make Taxnexus a taxpayer destination where you can market your services.

Unlike the real Army, we want our recruits to be well paid. You may include “Powered by Taxnexus” as part of your overall services package, or you can encourage customers to subscribe to Taxnexus directly. In either case, you will receive compensation in the form of wholesale pricing or via sales commissions.

Join Taxnexus today! Give us a call at +1-510-679-1900 (yes, we answer the phone) or email at

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