New Technologies on Display at Direct Cannabis Network Seed Series

Cannabis legalization is in full swing in CA. The cultivators are filling the product chain for dispensaries to satisfy the long line of consumers. Behind the scenes, the industry is buzzing with new businesses filling in the missing links of products and services needed to create a strong foundation for an industry in its infancy.

At a Direct Cannabis Network Seed Series event in San Diego, CA on April 29, 2018, four buzzing startups showcased a diverse assortment of products and services with promising futures. Each company with their own unique ability to enable the success of the cannabis industry took the stage in front of industry professionals and investors, at the networking and pitch event.

Keynote Speaker, Andre Herrera of Hypur, started off the event with a presentation on strategies and services in payment and banking technology for the cannabis

That was followed by the startup business pitches.

Bill De Zenzo, Co-Founder of Taxnexus, educated everyone on the importance of tax compliance, and how the Taxnexus transaction-to-treasure tax compliance solution works for industry taxpayers.

Rachel Madison, CEO of Strain Connect, expressed how her company connects the puzzle pieces to find your perfect medicinal cannabis strain through crowd and medical sourced user information by strain and ailment.

Henry Finklestein explained in detail how his company, Cannabis Big Data, connects to any data source, public or proprietary, to yield actionable insights that maximize your business or organization efforts.

Myra Box showed off her VDAB 200’s proprietary “Dial a dab” technology for precise controlled vape dosing.

It was an evening of great discussion and insights that were of value for all in attendance. The winner of the closely contested pitch event will be announced soon. What was seen was that the cannabis industry seems to be in the capable hands of bright innovators and business minds much more than its stereotype may portray on the surface.

It is undeniable that the cannabis industry is here to stay, and will be a source of technology advancements, jobs, and needed tax revenue well into the future.