Taxnexus® Situs™ Cuts Through California Cannabis Confusion

The news is filled nearly everyday about new cannabis taxes and regulations in our home state of California. There are new cannabis taxes on the books nearly every week! Any cannabis business who wants to be compliant is facing a huge challenge just to figure out what the cannabis taxes are in effect at its store or cultivation facility.

At Taxnexus, our mission is to be the leading experts on cannabis taxation, and to make it easy for cannabis taxpayers to keep compliant with simple web technology.

We have just completed our Spring 2018 survey of California cannabis taxes, and we’ve got some scary news. There are close to 500 different cannabis taxes now specified in city and county ordinances in California!

All cannabis tax stakeholders in California are now faced with a crushing information seeking burden. And, how are all the hundreds of towns, cities and counties in California with cannabis ordinances going to get out the news about their new taxes to the dispensaries, cultivators, manufacturers, distributors and delivery services?

At Taxnexus, we feel like this is a dangerous formula for financial noncompliance and can threaten the growth and development of the legal cannabis industry in California. That is why it is our mission to get the news out there and to help software developers get tax information into their apps as quickly as possible.

Introducing Taxnexus Situs

Now, figuring out what cannabis taxes a cannabis-related business is facing just got a whole lot easier. A free, new service being offered today by Taxnexus makes it easy to look up cannabis taxes by address:

From there, enter your address and click Find Tax. An address fragment or the name of an establishment is enough to get results.

Taxnexus Situs displays all the taxes that are currently active at that location, plus an accurate calculation of the California sales and use tax rate.

Taxnexus In California Today — 49 States To Go

Taxnexus Situs covers all of the active cannabis taxes in California as of 4/20/2018, and we’ll be rolling out more Adult-Use cannabis states throughout the rest of 2018. We have a sneak peak of Oregon if you’re curious about the taxes there. Look for Taxnexus to also offer a United States and Canada sales tax solution in 2019 with full nexus capabilities for e-commerce sellers.

And, What Is A Situs?

Situs (sī-təs) is a weird word that means a whole bunch to tax people. A Taxnexus Situs lookup is just a list of all of the specialty and consumption taxes that pertain to any specific street address. Our geographic database is smart enough to figure out what precise jurisdiction each address is in, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Try Taxnexus Situs Today

Taxnexus Situs aims to cut through the confusion generated by the California rollout of adult-use cannabis.

If you are a cannabis stakeholder, journalist, analyst or even just a curious consumer, now you have an accurate, easy-to-use service that accurately reports cannabis taxes by street address.

Keep Up With Taxnexus

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Yours In Compliance Vernon Keenan, CEO of Taxnexus in Berkeley, CA